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Everyday should be Valentine’s Day, L’Amourette

In year’s past, we’ve firmly established that Alyssa’s husband is Valentine’s Day savvy.  And mine, well, is not.  But whether I receive chocolate from my betrothed on V-Day, or I buy it for myself, there is nothing worse than spending … Continue reading

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Ode to Newfoundland

As a proud Canadian, I have travelled to every one of our distinctly different provinces (our territories are still on my bucket list but I’ll get there some day!)  One of my very, very, VERY favourite corners of Canada is … Continue reading

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All you need is love (and Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut chocolate)

We have discovered exquisite chocolate from every corner of the globe.  But Alyssa and I resolve to share more of the very best chocolate that our own Canada has to offer. It must be revealed that we Canucks have chocolatiers that … Continue reading

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What is your favourite “everyday” chocolate?

Alyssa and I have the great pleasure of tasting many incredible chocolate creations from all over that are sent to us by gifted chocolatiers. We love nothing more than to savour every morsel and write about our favourite new finds. … Continue reading

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Apple, meet Tree.

Well howdy there stranger! It’s been a while. I could go into a whole long explanation of why we’ve been AWOL for the last little while, but why? We’re back, and ready to greet the new year in chocolatey style! … Continue reading

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Chloe Chocolat – The Ultimate Chocolate Connoisseur

I love chocolate.  Alyssa loves chocolate. If you are a visitor of this blog, chances are you love chocolate too. But I promise you that there is no one on the planet who loves chocolate more than Chloe of Chloe … Continue reading

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Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Well, hello there! So sorry that we’ve been incommunicado of late. The lovely Sandra has been vacationing in France, and you bet your “derrière” that she’s been eating chocolate (posts to follow!). As for me, I’ve been rehearsing a play … Continue reading

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