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Documentary – “Chocolate’s Child Slaves”

As chocolate ambassadors and enthusiasts, we love to share with you all of the extraordinary things we love about chocolate. But we also know that we have a responsibility shine a light on some of the less “fun” sides of chocolate. … Continue reading

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Putting the heart back in Valentine’s Day

Alyssa’s husband rocks Valentine’s Day. (Seriously – that green M&M story is one of the cutest things I’ve heard in a long time).  My husband does not rock Valentine’s day (but that’s my own fault). Today is a romantic, fantastic, … Continue reading

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Going All the Way With Missionary Chocolates

I am a vegetarian.  A committed vegetarian. I have often thought of going "all the way" and embracing vegan-ism.  One of the only things that has held me back is that I hadn't ever found a vegan chocolate that I … Continue reading

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Saving The World One Chocolate Bar At A Time

Remember our little eco-trip this past summer? We were hot. And so was our sweet ride. There is only one thing that would have made it sweeter … if it were powered by chocolate. Yes chocolate. Earlier this week I … Continue reading

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