Everyday should be Valentine’s Day, L’Amourette

In year’s past, we’ve firmly established that Alyssa’s husband is Valentine’s Day savvy.  And mine, well, is not.  But whether I receive chocolate from my betrothed on V-Day, or I buy it for myself, there is nothing worse than spending Valentine’s Day sick in bed with a cold.

I once went to Niagara wine country for a day of wine tasting at the vineyards with a raging cold virus. In the end every vintage tasted like menthol.  Tasting good chocolate in that state is even worse.

So when the lovely folks at L’Amourette Chocolat invited us to try their incredible dark chocolate for Valentine’s Day, I was devastated that I couldn’t truly enjoy it while my taste buds were numbed with herbal cold drops.  I always say “better late than never” – and I am so glad that I waited to savour every last bite of the two stunning dark bars they sent us. So so glad.

L’Amourette Chocolate is an extraordinary San Francisco based artisan chocolatier who handcrafts chocolate that will transport you across the globe in one bite.  I always like to learn a little something about the chocolatier’s we are introduced to and the story behind L’Amourette’s inspiration is one of my very favourites …

As a young chocolatier, I’d been joyless for a long time; the woman of my dreams did not pay any attention to me, so I decided to travel the world to forget her. One day, while walking through Montmartre, I went to a used-book store and noticed the dusty spine of one of Papus’ works: Practical Magic. Something told me to buy the book, and I reluctantly went along with my urge. I read it from cover to cover in one evening, looking for aphrodisiac elixirs and magic rituals. For the next week I experimented with different recipes for chocolate, finally settling on the most intriguing. I brought a bouquet and a small bar of my chocolate to meet my heart throb, asking for her hand in marriage. She ate just one piece, and exclaimed in agreement to my proposal. Since then we’ve spent years together and always remember this recipe, keeping it in strictest confidentiality.

Every great love story should include chocolate as divine as L’Amourette. And their chocolate is, indeed, epic-love-story-worthy.

First, I tasted the Careno Superior bar with its romantic packaging and promise of an intricate flavour experience. It really is a special bar that speaks to the quality of the beans and the care with which it was made.  I enjoyed it with a fabulous full-bodied red wine (no menthol cough medicine!) and it was a perfect combination.  Best eaten slowly one square at a time, this was the perfect post-Valentine’s pick me up.  Andre V poured his heart into crafting such a lovely dark bar.


Next, I tried the 75% Cacao Rio Caribe Superior and it was my favourite. This bar has such a smooth, luxurious texture that I had to close my eyes to eat it. It has a balanced flavour that is both subtle and complex at the same time.  If you are not a dark chocolate lover, this will even appeal to you. It’s the kind of chocolate you want to leave to melt on your tongue so to enjoy every last delicious moment of it.  The beans for the Rio Caribe Superior bar are imported from Venezuela. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

L’Amourette Chocolat can be purchased online or throughout stores in California. Be sure to check it out because everyday should absolutely be Valentine’s Day with chocolate so romantically conceived and completely captivating.

Thank you L’Amourette for salvaging my Valentine’s week this year. xo

~ Sandra


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5 Responses to Everyday should be Valentine’s Day, L’Amourette

  1. I’m so glad I found your chocolate blog! I followed you over from your typepad blog and this seems to be a much better layout. Thanks, I enjoy your posts.

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