Ode to Newfoundland

As a proud Canadian, I have travelled to every one of our distinctly different provinces (our territories are still on my bucket list but I’ll get there some day!)  One of my very, very, VERY favourite corners of Canada is undoubtedly Newfoundland.

Whether your kissing a cod, taking in the stunning vistas or enjoying some unparalleled Newfoundland hospitality, I guarantee it’s a place that you will never forget.  You’ll leave a little piece of your heart behind and add some well earned laugh lines in the process.

So I must say, that it was with great delight that I recently discovered the Newfoundland Chocolate Company.

This gem of a chocolate company is made up of a group of dedicated local chocolatiers who hand craft every chocolate.  And each  one of those chocolates is as unique as  the breathtakingly beautiful shorelines, bluffs, mountains and meadows that make Newfoundland so incomparable.

The special thing about the Newfoundland Chocolate company is that their chocolates are as charming as the land from which they hail.

I had the great pleasure of tasting two special boxes of gourmet chocolate.  The “Jigs n’ Reels Series” is inspired by the music that is inextricably linked to experiencing Newfoundland and features chocolates with fun song names like “I’se the B’y” and “Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor”.  I especially loved savouring the “Cliffs of Baccalieu” which was smooth milk chocolate with Newfoundland berries and “I Had a Hat” – one of the best creamy caramel chocolates you’ll find from coast to coast to coast.

Their “Smiling Land Series” box is equally as charming and doubly good.   Each chocolate creation, named for a spectacular Newfoundland destination, features dark, milk or white chocolate combined with Newfoundland wild berries.  This is a chocolatier who proudly knows their roots and expertly combines the local bounty for something truly spectacular and different.  There were many delicious options among this mix, but nothing came even close to the perfection of the chocolates that featured partridgeberries – most notably the “Gros Morne” and the “Lake Melville”.  I’d never tasted partridgeberry with chocolate before today and I leaves me wanting stomp a jig and raise a glass!

If it’s ever been a dream of yours to visit Newfoundland (and if it hasn’t – it should be!) – please be sure to drop by one of the many spots throughout Newfoundland and Labrador that are proudly selling goodies from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company – you can find them in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Fort McMurray too!

~ Sandra

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