What is your favourite “everyday” chocolate?

Alyssa and I have the great pleasure of tasting many incredible chocolate creations from all over that are sent to us by gifted chocolatiers. We love nothing more than to savour every morsel and write about our favourite new finds.

But in the eagerness to share exciting chocolaty discoveries, we sometimes neglect our old favourites. I’ve never taken the time to really think about what is my tried-and-true chocolate companion.

When I sat down to consider the options for my number one favourite chocolate it was an impossible task. If I am thinking of handcrafted, artisan chocolate then I sincerely could never narrow it down. I’d have a list long enough to make the Oscars a 14 day long broadcast. But if I take more of a “People’s Choice Awards” approach to  picking my go-to-every-day-easy-accessible-affordable-standby and, if I am really honest, then it’s no contest at all.

My secret guilty pleasure is Lindt’s Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar.

While the Swiss are known best for their mass-produced milk chocolate – their dark chocolate is definitely worth writing home about too.

Before salted chocolate became trendy and was being added to every confectioner’s line up, years ago Lindt introduced their incredible Sea Salt bar.

It’s the perfect combination of bitter and salt and sweet. It is smooth – but not too smooth and has an unexpected finish.

I have been responsible for getting more than one friend addicted to this bar. I am a bit of a sea salt pusher it would seem. What I love most is that it’s the perfect impulse purchase because I can spot it in nearly every grocery store or drug store in Canada.

It’s also the kind of chocolate you can take your time eating while still feeling like you’ve had an indulgent fix.  I’ll nibble on a square and then tuck away the rest for later. It’s a bit strong for my 10-year-old so I never need to share. I don’t think it gets any more perfect than that.

It’s not my only impulse chocolate but it has admittedly been my consistent choice for a long time.  In fact, I think I’ll run out and get one now ….

What is your fav everyday chocolate?

~ Sandra 

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3 Responses to What is your favourite “everyday” chocolate?

  1. kittenpie says:

    I”m one of those friends you got hooked on this one! I was a fan of their plain 70% cocoa bar, which was my go-to before this, but now, it’s always on standby in my cupboard. As you say, one or two squares feels like quite enough, which makes it a perfect treat, in my books.

  2. ksfreeman says:

    I have the good fortune of being married to a woman who owns a chocolate shop! She dips with Callebaut. I am spoiled! My go to chocolate is her dipped almond clusters (55% dark chocolate). But when I am in the mood for a real treat I indulge with a banana liquor truffle made with white chocolate. Soooo gooood!!!

  3. mattmiller says:

    This is a bullshit post

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