Apple, meet Tree.

Well howdy there stranger! It’s been a while. I could go into a whole long explanation of why we’ve been AWOL for the last little while, but why? We’re back, and ready to greet the new year in chocolatey style!

To that end, let me share with you my super chocolate-filled weekend. It was my eldest son’s 7th birthday and we held a party for him with his closest friends. Now, he’s not your average sport-o type boy child. He didn’t want to play laser tag, hockey or go sledding. He’s not old enough for video games and too scared to watch most movies. He’d much rather have something like a cooking party, but we’ve “done that before” and we can’t do that again (God forbid).

Well, all I can say is thank goodness for Google. I did a search on kids cooking parties and came across Chocolate Tales – a company that does chocolate making parties. A party where you get to make – and eat – chocolate? My sweet-toothed kid was all over it. (What can I say? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)

The owner, David Levy, worked with me to adapt his regular birthday party program to the shorter attention-span and higher energy levels of a group of boys made up of 6 and 7 year olds. They got a short history of chocolate, made chocolate shavings, chocolate lollipops in fun animal shapes, and “tie-dyed” marshmallows. They had a truffle making contest, and learned how to shape chocolate cups with balloons. They even made chocolate lava cakes. The kids, naturally, got to “test” all the chocolate as they went. (I tested it too – afterwards – and everything was ridiculously good. High quality Belgium Chocolate. Nut-free. I *may* have eaten an embarrassing amount of leftover lava cakes all by myself…)

Sound fun, but kind of like a recipe for disaster? Nothing could have been easier. Our chocolatier arrived 45 minutes prior to the party to set up. She put down tarps and several layers of plastic tablecloths. The kids all had disposable aprons and gloves. Not a drop of chocolate got anywhere that it wasn’t supposed to (other than a few unfortunate kids’ sleeves) – and I own a couple of cream armchairs that were perilously close to the party. And at the end of it all, she cleaned up and took everything away. Easy peasy.

My experience with Chocolate Tales was seamless. They were courteous, prompt, professional and engaging. And they didn’t have the easiest crowd to please in terms of age. I would recommend them without hesitation. My son had the Chocolate Party of his dreams. And I had a lot of chocolate left over.

Really. Good. Chocolate. WIN!

~ Alyssa

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